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M&E Plan Template
May 30, 2017

M&E plans are intended to guide monitoring and evaluation processes throughout the life of a project or funding period.  But what are the components of a strong M&E plan? META’s Plan Template makes them easy to learn by walking step-by-step through a sample refugee program. M&E Plans are intended to strengthen M&E, and ultimately programming and outcomes for clients, by ensuring that monitoring and evaluation processes have been thoroughly thought out and planned for. After developing an M&E plan for your program, present it at grant opening meetings, rely on it to set up your M&E systems, and use it to guide M&E activities. 

META’s M&E Plan Checklist summarizes these elements in a short, accessible format.

META has other resources on the components of M&E plans that go into more detail and provide different format options! To see them, go to Resources > Find by Topic and choose “Project Design and M&E Planning.”