ORR Annual Report to Congress – FY15
February 13, 2017

The Office of Refugee Resettlement recently released its FY15 Annual Report to Congress. As described on ORR’s website, the report “demonstrates the ways that ORR continues to identify innovative service delivery methods, apply effective monitoring approaches, and track trends to make data-driven decisions […].” It also reflects the agency’s continued focus on data quality:

“ORR also continues to work on improving the quality of data collected from grantees. This includes data on service delivery, grantee performance metrics, and demographics of populations served by ORR programs. ORR believes that improving this data will allow ORR staff and partners to make better-informed decisions about the best use of resources, identify operational strengths and weaknesses, and develop a culture of data-driven decision-making.

As part of this effort, ORR has redesigned the Annual Report to Congress. ORR reevaluated the information included in the Annual Report to ensure that the report meets all of the statutory requirements and the format is more useful to the reader. In fall 2015, ORR completed its 49th Annual Survey of Refugees (ASR). The data from the ASR offer a window into respondents’ first five years in the United States and demonstrate the noteworthy progress that responding refugee families made towards learning English, participating in the workforce, pursuing formal education, and establishing permanent residence.”

Previous ORR annual reports may be accessed here.