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Theory of Change and Logical Framework (Logframe) Templates
July 25, 2016

In some cases, donors provide the templates they want you to use for illustrating your project’s theory of change or describing your project’s performance monitoring and evaluation strategy. But when they don’t, these META templates may be useful. For example, you might use a theory of change template in the Logic Model section of a proposal, and include a logical framework (logframe) in the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation section.

In collaboration with your team, you can first complete a theory of change diagram using one of three suggested templates. Then, use your completed theory of change to develop your project’s logframe to outline how you will measure project performance.

Wondering how best to use these templates? See META’s Steps for Developing Theories of Change and Strong Proposals and Tips for Using Logic Models to Improve Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation. Each tipsheet also has an accompanying Case Study to provide a hands-on demonstration of the process.