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Using Logic Models to Improve Project Design and M&E: 8 Tips and a META Case Study
July 25, 2016

You might be accustomed to attaching logic models to your donor proposals, but do you also use them as project design tools? META’s 8 Tips for Using Logic Models provides an overview of logic models, clarifying the purpose of and relationship between two important types of logic models: theories of change and logical frameworks, or logframes. It provides recommendations for improving your project design, planning for M&E from the start, considering the resources required, and more.

Download META’s accompanying Case Study 2 to see an example of how logic models helped the staff of a refugee asset-purchase project ensure that their project was based on sound logic and make sure that they could clearly measure their performance.

For more information on developing and using theories of change, see META’s Steps for Developing Theories of Change and Strong Proposals and the accompanying Case Study 1: Illustrating and Using your Theory of Change.

Looking for templates? Click here for downloadable theory of change and logframe templates, along with guidance from META to help fill them out.