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If you are a State Refugee Coordinator, ORR-funded ethnic community-based organization, or resettlement agency or affiliate, META is available to provide monitoring and evaluation (M&E) technical assistance to you, your program team, or your organization. We can respond to one-time requests, collaborate with you long-term to build capacity, or present in-person at your conferences.

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Logic models

As part of your program design processes, META can help you develop theories of change and logframes to be sure your program logic is sound and progress is measurable.

Using data to improve programs

Do you collect a lot of data you don’t use? We can help you use data to improve program design & results for clients.

Client forms and surveys

META can help develop client intake forms, client satisfaction surveys, program assessments and more.

Spreadsheets and databases

We can advise on your data management tools to make them as useful as possible.


We can help with data visualization, drawing conclusions from data and more.


Not sure where to start? META answers all kinds of M&E questions from organizations that serve refugees in the US.

Get free, confidential M&E help

At first I didn’t know what to expect. […] But [META] made it very interactive. The logic model we worked on used my ideas, […] and straight after the call I immediately used the tool we created. Resettlement Agency

We had an issue with data tracking at the beginning; [META] helped me come up with a logframe model which was very helpful. [META] also helped with a semi-annual reporting format. Ethnic Community-Based Organization

This was so helpful. I feel like I just took a mini course on M&E. Your delivery and activities/ handouts were particularly easy to learn from and useful for future efforts within our agency.

Resettlement Agency